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The Leopard II is the softest shoe in the UP family. The front piece VD rubber sole with RS heel sole and soft midsole allow for total freedom and a natural feel while climbing, previously unima-\ginable with climbing shoes. The Leopard II excels in competition settings on plastic and on rock such as sandstone, with the ability to stick to the most imperceptible smears and enough power to toe down and throw heel hooks with the very best of them.

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  • 2.5 mm VD rubber/3.5 mm RS rubber split sole
  • Extended toe rand rubber
  • Midsole stiffness: Soft C-shape
  • Unlined synthetic upper
  • Vegan


  • Approx. weight: 374 g (per pair)
  • Size: US 4-14 / EU 35.5-48.5
  • Fit: Aggressive downturn


  • Upper: Tirrenina Synthetic Split
  • Insole: Tirrenina Synthetic Split
  • Tongue:  Elastic
  • Strap: Webbing
  • Rubber: VD rubber/RS rubber


  • V-shaped Velcro strap


SHORE A65-70


SHORE A45-50

Additional information

Weight 23.15 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 5.8 × 3.7 in


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18 reviews for Leopard II

  1. Rene Keyzer-Andre (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the softness and sensitivity of the Leopard, that combined with a great fitting heal make these my favorite for nearly any style of routes or boulders!

  2. Rene Keyzer-Andre (verified owner)

    Incredible softness and sensitivity of the Leopard combined with a great fit, including the heal, make these my favorite for nearly any style of routes or boulders!

  3. Emmett C.

    This is the best fitting shoe I have ever worn in my climbing career. I went a half size down from my street shoe and was amazed at how well the foot box fit in addition to the heel cup! Typically with other shoe brands, I tend to sacrifice having too much room in the heel for a good toe fit, so it was awesome to find a shoe where I didn’t have to compromise.

    The rubber is the stickiest I’ve ever seen and has great durability. These were the only shoe I used on a three week trip to Font and I have plenty of rubber remaining on the edges, even after climbing over 200 boulders during that time! Toe-hooking was a breeze as the design of the Leopard means you’re essentially climbing in a rubber sock. This is definitely my favorite toe-hook shoe to date.

    The overall softness of the shoe was amazing. As I said earlier, the Leopards feel like you painted really sticky rubber over your feet, that’s how supple it is. The heel was extremely sensitive, allowing for technical heel hook placements, and the front of the shoe let me smear and really grab with my toes on nearly non-existent feet. I don’t think there’s an angle of wall this shoe doesn’t perform on.

    My only complaint about the shoe is that within a month of climbing on them heavily, they developed a hole in the bottom of the sole of one foot. However, this doesn’t mean the rubber isn’t durable, it just means that I would not recommend walking around in them much outside between boulders. This hole happened because I stepped on a small stick!

    I highly recommend the Leopards for bouldering and for high-end sport climbing, but giving the nature of the shoe it should be obvious that you probably don’t want to multi-pitch or trad climb in them. I’m super excited to see how they perform during my upcoming competition season!

  4. Jarrid Nakata (verified owner)

    These shoes arrived on Friday. Saturday I hopped on a project with small smeary feet, popped these shoes on for the first time, and got a new high point. Sunday I went sport climbing, and got a new high point on a project where all the holds are extremely slick and polished. These shoes are sticky, and have zero break-in period.

  5. Helen L

    These shoes are comfortable right out of the box and I love the sensitivity and stickiness of the rubber. The soles are incredibly soft as expected. But after less than a month of use, the sole rubber is already fraying, even though I’m a light climber – approx 56kg and I’ve only used these indoors. So I use them conservatively for when I want to send a steep project. I would love to see a low volume version as the mens’ version are slightly too high volume for me.

  6. Anya

    I bought these shoes online choosing this model because of the promised sensitivity and stickiness, they didn’t disappoint. The grip is fantastic and I’ve found new confidence on slippery holds. I really wish these came in a low volume version as the shoes aren’t the best fit on me. No surprise really as they are designed for men. Despite this I still really enjoy climbing in them.

  7. Shane R (verified owner)

    One of my favorite pair of shoes ever! Material is soft and super sticky. A great sending shoe. I went a half size up from my street shoe, and is a comfortable performance fit. Will definitely purchase again.

  8. Alec

    This is my third pair of Unparallels, and some of the best shoes, of any brand, that I’ve ever owned. I love the fastening system and the sensitivity offered by the thinner rubber. As far as sizing goes, I bought them in the same size as my Vims and Up Mocs (a half size down from my street shoes). They fit similar to the Vims—which is to say like a glove.

    Unfortunately, they are such good shoes that they were stolen at the crag. Only got two sessions out of them… I guess I’m not the only one impressed by the Leopards :,(

  9. Sam

    Consistently blown away with UP’s line of shoes. This is a fantastic update/improvement of the 5.10 VXI that corrects the small and unstable heel pocket it had. You can actually heel hook with these aggressively and not worry about it popping out. Obviously the nature of this super soft shoe lends them to blow holes through the toe fast, so beware of what you are getting into. Other than that, they’re awesome.

  10. mcdoodledeedo (verified owner)

    The new Leopard II’s heel is completely different from the product images and the original Leopard. The original Leopard heel was encased in rubber while the new Leopard II has almost the same exact heel as the Flagships but it does not have hexagonal UP stamp at the base of the heel like the Flagship. The website images should be updated to reflect the actual shoe… Lateral heel hooking seems a bit worse with the new heel. All in all the sizing feels the same as the original.

  11. Jeff L

    Since no one from UP will respond to my questions via email or Instagram, and no one answered when I called, I’ll ask my sizing question here and give 0 stars for customer service so far.

    How does the sizing on these compare with the old neon green teams? I’d love to get a pair of these, but don’t feel like doing the ship back and forth dance to get the correct size

    • Sang Lee

      Leopard II is equivalent model to old neon green team and sizing also does. wear same size Leopard II.

  12. jakey202 (verified owner)

    Finally ended buying a pair of UP shoes because I been feeling so bummed at adidas/fiveten. Worn them for 8+ years but recently I felt like shoe quality has gone done. Got a pair of leopard II and will never go back to adidas/fiveten. I wear size 8.5 street shoe and sized half size down for a more aggressive fit and they fit like a glove! Can’t wait to buy every shoe UP has to offer!

  13. holds (verified owner)

    The shoe performs how I expected. It reminds me of the fiveten Team VXI (the green teams) but the heel fits better. I do wish the sizing chart was accurate. I got these and a pair of Upduels and both are a half size to big on me despite following the size chart.
    I’d recommend sizing down. I wish I had more time to send them back but I am reliant on the shoes I order when I order them.

  14. Richard (verified owner)

    This shoe is very sensitive (a bit more than I expected, but still ok!) Definitely very helpful on grabbing holds with your toes! For sizing, I have wide feet, and wear street 8, scarpa drago eu 39. Well done!

  15. Dillon (verified owner)

    I left a not great review on the flagship and sirius lace a while ago. But these shoes are very close to really great. Hopefully this comes off as these shoes are worth it but not perfect.

    I love the softness. It took a while to get used to but it helps with modern volumes and setting. They smear great. Plus it’s hard to jump in tight pointed shoes.

    The quality isn’t amazing they still don’t last me very long but I just ordered another pair so it’s worth it.

    The heel does not fit me at all. I can barely heel hook giant holds and it will pop off on anything hard. I went back to Dragons for lace up heel and pointy needs – even though it’s not the same as it once was it fits better than sirius and lasts longer.

    But these have become my daily drivers for sessions use on 80%+ of blocs.

  16. Doug (verified owner)

    The Leopard II is a very, very soft shoe and provides great smearing and sensitivity. Because of how soft it is, the shoe is very comfortable and the break in period is almost nonexistent. I downsized a full size from my street shoes (9.5-8.5) and even with wide feet the fit is great, heel and toe hooks feel secure, and I don’t ever feel like I am sliding around in the shoe. These have quickly became my favorite gym shoe.

  17. aashish.bharadwaj01

    These might be the best shoes for bouldering in existence. That is, if you’re okay with feeling every little thing and are okay with some pain.

    I’d recommend getting your street size. I downsized by 0.5 US and for the first couple weeks my toe knuckles would get quite bruised and it was fairly painful and I had to take them off every five minutes. However, they have expanded enough that I can leave them on for longer.

    This aggressively puts all the pressure on your big toe. If your big toe isn’t very strong, it will hurt a lot and negatively impact your performance.

    With all that aside: this is some of the softest shoes in existence. At only 2.5mm, these are a smearing dream. You can stick to literally anything and trust it. The heel is also pretty great, though a little small so can’t heel hook certain hold types as well.

    These are my favorite shoes of all time for bouldering. They have a couple drawbacks (I’d like a slightly bigger heel and the toe rubber pushes against my toe knuckle), but they are still amazing. If you have a strong big toe, you can trust these on literally anything.

    I’m not 100% sure how to improve the heel, but basically on certain jugs I can’t get the heel to “fit” because the edge of the jug just hits my ankle.

  18. Ben Stanton (verified owner)

    So SO good. Over the past few years my taste in shoes has gotten softer and softer and these have got to be some of the softest ever made. I already owned a pair of Up Moccs that I use as a training day/beater shoe and I didn’t really believe that the Leopards would be softer than them but they 100% are. If you’re looking for a quiver-of-one high performance shoe or a reliable boot for a variety of climbing, this is not that. But as a hooking and smearing-focused specialty toy this are just insanely fun to use and absolutely worth buying. The heel was a bit high volume for my own super narrow heels, but seems like it would be bomber on a more typical foot shape, being one of Unparallel’s more built-up heels (still sensitive, though). Other than that, the shoes are surprisingly comfortable. I went with the same sizing as my Sirius (-1/2 from street shoe) and found this to be a good tight performance fit after the shoe stretched ~1/4 size. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend downsizing more than that since having severely curled toes is pretty pointless in a shoe that can’t really edge anyway – too much pain for too little gain. At the end of the day, these are a joy to use, way more durable than expected, exceptionally well-built, and one of my favorite shoes I’ve ever worn. Smedgeing for ever!!

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