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The Leopard is the softest shoe in the UP family. The front piece VD rubber sole with RS heel sole and soft midsole allow for total freedom and a natural feel while climbing that was previously unimaginable with climbing shoes. The Leopard excels in competition settings on plastic and on rock such as sandstone with the ability to stick to the most imperceptible smears and enough power to toe down and throw heel hooks with the very best of them.

  • 2.0mm VD rubber
  • Soft midsole
  • Unlined synthetic upper
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Weight 23.15 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 5.8 × 3.7 in


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3 reviews for Leopard

  1. Rene Keyzer-Andre (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the softness and sensitivity of the Leopard, that combined with a great fitting heal make these my favorite for nearly any style of routes or boulders!

  2. Rene Keyzer-Andre (verified owner)

    Incredible softness and sensitivity of the Leopard combined with a great fit, including the heal, make these my favorite for nearly any style of routes or boulders!

  3. Emmett C.

    This is the best fitting shoe I have ever worn in my climbing career. I went a half size down from my street shoe and was amazed at how well the foot box fit in addition to the heel cup! Typically with other shoe brands, I tend to sacrifice having too much room in the heel for a good toe fit, so it was awesome to find a shoe where I didn’t have to compromise.

    The rubber is the stickiest I’ve ever seen and has great durability. These were the only shoe I used on a three week trip to Font and I have plenty of rubber remaining on the edges, even after climbing over 200 boulders during that time! Toe-hooking was a breeze as the design of the Leopard means you’re essentially climbing in a rubber sock. This is definitely my favorite toe-hook shoe to date.

    The overall softness of the shoe was amazing. As I said earlier, the Leopards feel like you painted really sticky rubber over your feet, that’s how supple it is. The heel was extremely sensitive, allowing for technical heel hook placements, and the front of the shoe let me smear and really grab with my toes on nearly non-existent feet. I don’t think there’s an angle of wall this shoe doesn’t perform on.

    My only complaint about the shoe is that within a month of climbing on them heavily, they developed a hole in the bottom of the sole of one foot. However, this doesn’t mean the rubber isn’t durable, it just means that I would not recommend walking around in them much outside between boulders. This hole happened because I stepped on a small stick!

    I highly recommend the Leopards for bouldering and for high-end sport climbing, but giving the nature of the shoe it should be obvious that you probably don’t want to multi-pitch or trad climb in them. I’m super excited to see how they perform during my upcoming competition season!

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