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The Regulus LV is our stiffest downturned shoe providing both comfort and absolute precision for any angle and all styles of climbing. The unlined synthetic upper provides a soft feel on foot while maintaining a perfectly snug and secure fit. The full RH rubber sole and stiff midsole provide exceptional edging ability and the extended rubber over the toe box provides extra friction for toe hooking. The highly tensioned heel and sling shot randing locks your foot into the shoe providing extra power and bomb proof heel hooks.

  • 3.5mm RH rubber
  • Stiff midsole
  • Unlined synthetic upper
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Weight 23.15 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 5.8 × 3.7 in


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4 reviews for Regulus LV

  1. Fiona

    This shoe lasts long. I wear the same size as my street shoes.

  2. Zachary Silberman (verified owner)

    These shoes are sick. Absolutely perfect fit with amazing edging. The rubber is extra sticky and they are holding up way better than my old 5.10 teams. I was a little concerned trying a pair of shoes from a company i’d never demoed, but I’m glad I did. Love these Regulus LVs and the customer service is very helpful. Id recommend these to anyone who finds themselves on steep and hard climbs.

  3. Aaron Hjelt (verified owner)

    This is, without a doubt, one of the finest climbing slippers ever made. UP has distilled the essence of what a climbing shoe should be and needs to be, and has bottled it as the Regulus. I’ve climbed in the LV version about 20 days in the gym and 5 days on rock, and am completely satisfied. In fact, it’s hard for me to describe the feeling of wearing the shoe for climbing, because I forget that it is there. This is exactly the experience a good shoe should be providing.
    I chose a 9.0 LV to match the fit of a 7.5 blue Hiangle. These shoes fit almost identically, but some slight refinements in the Regulus seem to fit my foot better. The initial pull-on was very similar to the Hiangles. I did need a bit of plastic shopping back to get the shoe around my instep (to slide the heel in). The elastic has now softened enough that this is no longer necessary. For reference, I wear an 8-8.5 street shoe, so the 9.0 LV (equivalent to a 7.5 non-LV…I refuse to call these shoes “mens” or “womens”) is a downsize of .5-1 size from my street shoe. I do have a high arch, so this allows the slingshot to pull into my foot more. My general feeling would be to size down .5 size from street shoe.
    The heel seems to be slightly narrower than the blue Hiangle. It’s pretty close, though. I haven’t tried on a non-LV Regulus, but I’ve been told the heel is wider and the shoe has more volume. If you were happy with the blue Hiangle, I would strongly recommend the LV. Just add 1.5 from your Hiangle size (not the older smurf feet version).
    The materials used on the Regulus are well sourced and thought out. The leather has a velvety feel to its face. It feels smooth going on. I found the glove-like fit I was after on about day 6 or 7, and the structure has remained since then. They have not deteriorated or become sloppy. The single velcro strap is the perfect length, and is low profile. The reinforced pull tabs stay out of the way.
    I’m very impressed with the rubber. I can’t imagine a better balance between friction, stability, and durability. The style is understated and without pretension. It’s a fabric and rubber glove. This is its form and function.
    Overall, I can’t imagine a better performance bouldering shoe. Sure, I’ll wear a more sensitive slipper from time to time when I really need to pull on small edges on steep terrain, but for almost all gym training and rock climbing (bouldering), I’ll have the Regulus LV on my feet.

  4. Nick Pellegrino

    Been using my Regulus LV for 8 months now with a mix between indoor and outdoor and they have taken the beating amazingly. I have a narrower foot so I went with a size 11 which works out to a 9.5 in the non LV.

    Best perk of the shoe so far was the no break in period. Out of the box I was wearing them 45min at a time with no hot spots in the shoe.

    Would highly recommend for sport or bouldering.

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