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The Vega is an all around downturned shoe that does not sacrifice comfort for performance. The V shaped Velcro closure system allows for a perfect fit, quick adjustments, and easy on/off performance. The full RS rubber sole and medium stiffness midsole provide the perfect balance of friction, sensitivity, and stiffness while the painted on rubber over the toe area gives added friction for toe hooks without sacrificing comfort in the toe box.

  • 3.5mm RS rubber
  • Painted on rubber over toe box
  • Medium stiffness midsole
  • Lined synthetic upper

This product has unisex sizing. To find women’s sizing, please refer to the sizing chart below. 


Additional information

Weight 23.15 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 5.8 × 3.7 in

Men's, Women's

Shoe Type


Rubber Click here to learn more about UP rubber
International Sizing Click here to compare shoe sizes by international market

3 reviews for Vega

  1. Tanner (verified owner)

    I’ve worn these shoes on three trips to Joe’s Valley lately and they have helped me scale Resident Evil, Fiery Furnace, and The Incredible Hulk! Such nice shoes. They toe down on small holds really well and the rubber is really sticky.

  2. bankheadblake (verified owner)

    An interesting shoe to say the least! Stiffer than expected, with the paint on rubber working surprisingly well! The fit was pretty much my street shoe size (10.5) and have yet to notice any severe stretch in the shoe. The pull tabs are covered in a reinforced plastic which is a very nice touch. The rubber, once broken in preformed beautifully both in a gym and on polished Texas limestone. Expecting good results when i use these guys in Bishop!!

  3. chris

    Great shoe overall. I used this shoe as my gym/setting pair and was really impressed by their sensitivity and power through the toebox. The heel fit me really well considering I have a lower volume heel. For a strictly gym shoe…average 3 days/week on walltopia walls…these lasted me almost 9 months. i love how easy these things are to get on and off. I’ll be honest, I owned a pair of Jet 7s and I wasn’t all too impressed with the paint on rubber on either. Maybe UP will drop a can of the paint on rubber…one can only hope

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