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The Regulus is our stiffest downturned shoe, providing both comfort and absolute precision for any angle and all styles of climbing. The unlined synthetic upper provides a soft feel on foot while maintaining a perfectly snug and secure fit. The full RH rubber sole and stiff midsole provide exceptional edging ability and the extended rubber over the toe box provides extra friction for toe hooking. The highly tensioned heel and slingshot randing locks your foot into the shoe, providing extra power and bombproof heel hooks.

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  • 4.2 mm RH rubber sole
  • Extended toe rand rubber
  • Midsole stiffness: Hard
  • Unlined synthetic upper


  • Approx. weight: 483 g (per pair)
  • Size: US 5-14 / EU 37-48.5
  • Fit: Aggressive downturn


  • Upper:  Synthetic Suede
  • Insole: Synthetic Suede
  • Strap: Webbing
  • Tongue: Elastic
  • Rubber: RH rubber


  • Single Velcro strap


SHORE A76-80

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Weight 23.15 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 5.8 × 3.7 in


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16 reviews for Regulus

  1. Britt Jeffers

    These seem like a great shoe, well designed with tacky rubber. I was hoping they would be sized similar to the Five Ten Hiangles (my go to shoe) but I couldn’t get my heel into the same size Regulus. A great looking shoe, very stiff, but not for the wide footed climber. A side by side comparison shows the Regulus is much more low volume.

  2. Connor Dykes

    I am writing this review as someone who climbs only in hi-angles because they are the only shoe on the market that actually hugs my heel perfectly. This shoe will not stretch as it is not leather. I usually wear a size 8 hianlge and have to go through an insane break-in period. I’m a street shoe 9.5 and I got an 8.5 in Regulus and they were perfect. the toe box was much more accommodating to my wider foot and the softer upper meant basically no break-in. the shoe it slightly softer than the hiangle and much grippier out of the box.

    Now that being said, i did send them back because the heel is the opposite of the hiangle (the whole reason i climb in that shoe) it is deeper than the hianlge and gave me a massive air pocket out the point of my heel. heel hooks were a no go. I don’t think it will be an issue for people that don’t climb in hiangles because they don’t know what its like to actually be able to use your heel. but once you’ve felt it you can’t go back and all other shoes seem off. I asked about the low volume version and I was told it would resolve the problem. however, a friend of mine got them in an 8 and I could still get them on with a little struggle but the heel was not any different as was mentioned to me. if the heel were more like the hiangle then this would be the perfect shoe. good shoe all around for most

  3. Connor Dykes

    also to remark on the review above, this shoe is more accommodating to a wide foot than the hiangle. what he is talking about with the heel is the material used. it has a lot of friction and doesnt let the heel “slide” in the same way other shoes do. also, I’m sure they are not used to very tight shoes. use some plastic bags to help your heels slide in.

  4. Kyle Spurgeon (verified owner)

    I’ve waited to review so that I could give these things a good break in period. That being said, it has been a LONG break-in period. The rubber is definitely on the stiffer side, and for some reason has taken considerably longer to break in than shoes in the past..

    That being said, I love these. The rubber on the top is soft enough to deform for your toes and not lock them into a semi awkward position. The synthetic upper has allowed the shoe to fit the same as the day they came put of the box, so they’ve kept that performance fit (but don’t downsize too much! They are a smidge narrow).

    I love the rubber. I’ll say, I didn’t right out of the box, it is stiff and wasn’t super sticky right off the bat (and, being stiff, I didn’t get the flexibility out of the sole I was used to), but it has broken in well and has lost all of the initial slickness I experienced.

    My biggest complaint, honestly, is that the straps are a little long, so, even cinched up, they dangle over the edge of the velcro and can catch on things and stuff.. Not a big thing at all, but, I find it sticking to my chalkbag a lot…

    All in all, a great shoe of great quality. I love the shoe, the toe hooking in these things is phenomenal (there are little slices in the toe rubber in the PERFECT spots). I’m also a huge fan of the heel. It might be a bit narrow for others, but it fits me perfectly and I’ve cranked on some sketchy heels in them and have not slipped once!

    I’m stoked to check out others in the new line!

  5. JD (verified owner)

    Excellent shoe. Similar to the Five Ten Hiangle, but better. I haven’t had it long enough to rate long-term durability, but so far, this is the best climbing shoe I’ve owned. Very very sticky rubber. It is a perfect blend of comfort (for an aggressive shoe) and performance. I have a long narrow foot, so the fit is better for me than the Five Ten Hiangle, as the Regulus has no stretch and is slightly lower volume. In addition, I feel that the Regulus’ rubber has better friction than the Hiangle. Toe hooking is excellent. Unlike other manufacturers, this shoe actually has a high-friction rubber on top of the toe, not just protective rubber, making toe hooks easier. The heel is also excellent, with no slip.
    When fitting, a good start would be street shoe size. I think this shoe might be 1/2 to 1 size down from a Hiangle for reference.
    Seems like too good a review, but I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about it so far. It’s a great shoe. Perhaps a cool electric blue color upper to match the pull tab would be nice. It’s a little drab.

  6. joe

    Have been using these for a while now and has quickly became a favorite aggressive climbing shoe. The stiffness of this these remind me of the old V10s but with the upper being comfortable enough to fit like a glove without any painful pressure points and a better fitting heel.

  7. Miguel

    I was looking for stiff performance shoes and this pair was exactly what I was looking for.

    For reference, I wear a size US 7.5 in the Five Ten Hiangles and a EUR 38 in the La Sportiva Skwama. I got a size US 8 for the Regulus and they fit perfectly, even better than the Hiangles. There was no dead space nor hot spots, the heel was snug, and the lining was super comfortable. The only uncomfortable part of the shoe was the elastic band on top. It has a bit of a rough feel and is something that can be improved on.

    I love the rubber on these. They’re super stiff so they provide good support on tiny edges. The rubber is sticky as well so I have no issues smearing on the wall.

    I use the shoes primarily for bouldering but I also use them for sport climbing. If you want super comfortable shoes that you can keep on for the whole session then these aren’t the shoes for you. I remove them after climbs to rest my feet.

    Super pleased with these shoes!

  8. Aaron McEuen (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed climbing in these shoes. The rubber is tacky and the overall fit is snug and secure. I will say though that the break in period is grueling. I bought the same size shoe that I tried during a demo but the shoe was just a nightmare to break in. Even after the shoe became more fitted to my foot, getting the shoes on was still difficult. If fact I only retired my first pair because I accidentally tore off the pull loops on the heel when trying to get the left shoe on. Going to try a size up hoping that I get a similarly snug fit with easier entry. Otherwise, the shoe performed great and felt great after breaking in. Side note to Unparallel; please don’t change the color of these shoes in future iterations, just leave them black. Shoes DO NOT NEED WILD BRIGHT COLORS. I mean really, neon anything is going to look childish.

  9. Janfel Bacho (verified owner)

    So imagine if the Five Ten Hiangle and the Five Ten Team (two of Five Ten’s most popular comp/outdoor shoes) had a child. THIS amazing shoe would definitely be it.
    I came from using the Team and the Synthetic Hiangle, and Unparallel has designed an amazing shoe that is both sticky and comfortable to send your projects in. Not to mention the shoe rocks an amazing low profile look with an all black upper.
    That being said I love the fit of the upper, being a lined synthetic shoe means it doesn’t have that weird pilling fabric you get from wearing unlined shoes like the Hiangle after long use.The heel fits just like the Five Ten Team shoe; soft, sensitive, and really precise. Also, it rides a bit higher than the Hiangle so it doesn’t slip off. I went with sizing the same from the Hiangle which was 7.5 (for reference, I’m a 9.5). The toe rubber is actually interesting because my Hiangle has a hole from a roof project I sent in September and the rubber from the Regulus covers up to THAT exact spot. Anyway, the rubber is soft, but very sticky even on the toe. Speaking of the RH rubber, it’s perfect for edging as well as smearing on different holds and edges.
    In terms of getting the shoe ON, it is a very tight fit . After a few sessions, however, they tend to ease up and fit like a glove. But in the meantime, you have some pretty bomber heel tabs to pull your shoes in and crush your little piggy toes. My only complaint is the strap, which can be a little long; but mine doesn’t run over the Velcro patch as much as I’ve seen on others. That doesn’t disregard it’s quality though, since it seems beefy and durable. Overall, the Regulus is everything you want in a hard downturned shoe, but blacked out and better.

  10. Kate

    I bought these after blowing through the toes on my hiangles after 6 weeks, my previous pair had lasted a year!

    I love the shoes, I wore 6.5uk in hiangles and the same in regulus lv.

    Break in was pretty quick, they were difficult to get on at first but that gets better with time. They do get smelly fast because of the synthetic but I alternate between these and Up moccs to give them a rest which has helped (up moccs are absolutely superb shoes)

    The rubber is super sticky, smears well, love the huge toe patch for toe hooks!

    The only thing I don’t like is the heel, I miss the Hiangle heel and if the heel was the same as the Up mocc it’d be the perfect shoe for me.

  11. Emma

    I have been wearing these shoes for 3 weeks now and they have quickly become my favourites. The shoes are actually for men but I can wear them as a woman just as well. Before I had the instinct vs and noticed some differences.
    – the rubber is much better than the instinct
    – the shoe is rather narrowly cut
    – It hurts after 45 minutes but in the wall it works divinely
    – The heel is a little lower than on other climbing shoes but still works perfectly
    – the Regulus nestles like a sock to my foot
    About the size. I have EU 39 as my normal shoe size and I wear the reguluses in EU 39 but they are very tight and because they are synthetic they don’t expand. So maybe choose one size bigger. The colour of the shoes is not noticeable and they are very plain.

  12. JOSH

    So this shoe is nearly perfect. I was initially impressed with the front end of the shoe. It feels even more sturdy than the five ten Hiangle and performs similarly. But there is one massive downside. The heel cup is of a shape and form that has nothing to do with the above mentioned shoe. For one its quite narrow and cannot accommodate a wider heel. Secondly and most importantly would be the design of the heel cup. They way they terminate that band of rubber midway up the heel makes for a strange experience. It basically gets in the way of any precision you’re trying to accomplish and completely changed the way you would want to use your heel on something. Far far from ideal. So as impressed as i am with the front end i was saddened by the lack of attention placed on the heel cup. I was unable to wear this shoe effectively and could not justify using it in any meaningful way so it was returned. A bit of work on the heel cup would go a long way for this shoe guys!

  13. Alsonfx (verified owner)

    Great shoe that I purchased as an alternative to the Hi-Angle. If you have sweaty feet the rubber gets soft and it drops in performance slightly. Other than that, it does a really good job in all terrains and is a great alternative to the Hi-Angle. The heel hook is slightly narrow and no rubber going over the whole heel which means the midsole can get caught on rocks and cause delamination. After a year of using these guys the are always in my bouldering bag for warming up and serve me well when sport climbing.

  14. Christian

    I’ve been using the Regulus for about 6 months now. Really like them! Super reliable sole and very good fit. I like their toe box better than the TN, because you get all your toes in the game and not just the big toe. I would recommend them and buy them again.

    1. The heel is not anatomic. Folks if you can, use a heel like the one on the TN Pro which has a great anatomic heel.
    2. The pull laces! The blue one (centred) SUCKS. When you pull on that lace the material goes into a triangle, so that the opening for the heel narrows towards the end of the shoe and this makes wearing the shoes very hard. If you could just put it 1 cm towards the outer side of the shoe would be AWESOME. It still will look asymmetrical, but be more useful when wearing the shoes.

    Otherwise, I really like your shoes. Great work!

  15. sethosaurusrex

    I love this shoe, its my current go to bouldering shoe. Just got my second pair. Works great outdoor and indoor. Similar to an old blue high angle but with a tiny bit softer mid sole and a more wedge shape heel. Slightly on the narrow side in fit but still conformed to my fairly wide foot after about 4 or 5 sessions. The heel is low profile and really precise when setting. I really like the shape of the toe, round and straight. Great for sandstone and gym climbing. Rubber is crazy grippy. Down turn just right, not too much. you can still smear, slab and guppy. Feels best when climbing 30 to 50 degree angles. My street shoe is size 9.5, I wear a 9 in the Regulus. I highly recommend this shoe. It’s great

  16. jwalkerasdf (verified owner)

    Like many of the reviews here, I purchased the Regulus in pursuit of a Hiangle replacement. I ordered the Regulus in the same size as my Hiangles (10.5 US M). While these shoes were comfy right out of the box, I had mixed feelings about them. While the toebox and aggressiveness of the sole were to my liking, the heel was HUGE. I found myself staring at a flaccid, bulging heel cup sliding off my foot often when heel-hooking to top out boulders; not a confidence-inspiring sight.

    Overall, the shoe was great for indoor steep climbing and climbing outdoors that didn’t have cruxy heel hook sequences. The old Hiangle heel used to fit me perfectly, so beware that you may have a similar experience to me when trying the Regulus. Perhaps the Regulus LV or NewTro VCS (a shoe that I think replicates the Hiangle almost perfectly) would be suitable alternative!

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