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The TN Pro is the fully tested signature model by Tomoa Narasaki, now available in an LV fit for women and low volume climbers. Built on a new, low volume last, the TN Pro Women (LV) is complete with a slingshot heel design for sensitive heel hooking and the outside of the heel is wrapped in RH rubber for exceptionally stable heel hooks. The 3.5mm RH Rubber allows for a longer life than other soft rubber shoes. Though the rubber is soft and sticky, the stiff midsole, along with the slingshot heel design, produces an aggressive downturn that can still stand on small footholds. Inside, the shoe annihilates. With a more rounded toe than most bouldering shoes, the TN Pro Women (LV) is most at home on steep overhangs requiring heel hooks and toe hooks. The rounded toe allows margin for error on dynamic foot movements that would be exceptionally useful in volume-based competitions or indoor climbing.

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  • 3.5mm RH rubber sole
  • Extended toe rand rubber
  • Midsole stiffness: Hard
  • Unlined synthetic upper
  • Vegan


  • Approx. weight: 474 g (per pair)
  • Size: US US 3-14 / EU 34.5-48.5
  • Fit: Aggressive downturn


  • Upper: Synthetic
  • Insole: Synthetic
  • Tongue:
  • Elastic Strap: Webbing


  • Single Velcro strap


SHORE A76-80

Additional information

Weight 16.8 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 5.8 × 3.7 in


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Women's Sizes

Women's 6.5 / Men's 5, Women's 7 / Men's 5.5, Women's 7.5 / Men's 6, Women’s 8 / Men’s 6.5, Women’s 8.5 / Men’s 7, Women’s 9 / Men’s 7.5, Women’s 9.5 / Men’s 8, Women’s 10 / Men’s 8.5, Women’s 10.5 / Men’s 9, Women’s 11 / Men’s 9.5, Women’s 11.5 / Men’s 11, Women’s 12 / Men’s 10.5, Women’s 12.5 / Men’s 11, Women’s 13 / Men’s 11.5, Women’s 13.5 / Men’s 12, Women’s 14 / Men’s 12.5, Women's 14.5 / Men's 13, Women's 15 / Men's 13.5, Women's 15.5 / Men's 14

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6 reviews for TN Pro LV

  1. Thea

    Are the sizes listed in M’s or W’s US sizes? It’s an LV shoe, but the size range listed doesn’t explicitly say. US 3 / EU 34.5 is the M’s conversion.

  2. hgely0 (verified owner)

    Within a couple of indoor sessions the rubber on my left shoe partially detached. I emailed UP, they responded within a few days and I replied with a picture of it upon request, haven’t heard back in about a week. I’ve had no problems with the right shoe so far as it seems to be more solid. All of this being said, the issue has not affected the performance of the shoe (though I’m assuming it will at some point in the near future). The heel hook is solid, the fit is great for my narrow heels, and they’re relatively comfortable. It smears really well also. So, overall performance has been solid, I just worry about the durability. For sizing, I wear an 11.5 M (13 W) for street shoe and downsized by half a size, so 12.5 W (11 M) in this shoe.

  3. hannahhostalka (verified owner)

    Love them for inside or outside but they do stretch about a whole size so i definitely recommend sizing down. I also have to replace them often (every 4-5 months) if im climbing outside or having a lot of sessions each week. My street shoe is a mens 7.5 and i wear a 6 in these

  4. Eugene Kim

    Work well on indoor, outdoors, and do everything from smearing to edging well.

    Note to future buyers, the synthetic material Unparallel might be tight out of box, and they might not be easy to get into, but once on your feet and the material has some heat/push from your feet aka walking or wearing them for like 5 minutes or 1-2 climbs, the material stretches out so I suggest downsizing. I wouldn’t judge the correct size by the difficulty of getting the shoes on but by the size of the shoe after wearing them for like 5 minutes because I feel like they stretch out a bit once your foot has heated them up and pushed the shoe material out.

    Phenomenal shoe with phenomenal rubber.

  5. Zachary G (verified owner)

    My ultimate favorite sport shoe!

    I love this shoe! The fit is fantastic with zero hotspots for me! I prefer a stiffer shoe for sport climbing, and this has been my go-to for the last year or two. I have even done some bouldering in it when the situation calls for a stiffer shoe.

    Performance on rock and plastic are both incredible. For sport climbing there won’t be a different shoe for me for a long time. I just wish they still came in the classic blue they originally came in!

  6. ashlyn71089

    I love these shoes. Closest replacement for the women’s hiangle. The LV fits my heel box like a glove, the nonLV was a little high on my achilles. Toeing down, smearing and all aroundness is just like the hiangle. Love that the sole is one solid piece for standing on little holds and greater friction on smearing. I got them in womens 7s and 7.5s and actually prefer the bigger size and downsizing didnt make the heel tighter/better. For reference I was a 7/7.5 in 5.10 hiangle too.

    I love the rubber and what they can do but they do not perform as good as my hiangles on hard heel hooks. Would love to see the LV version, but with a harder rubber so standing on little granite feet and hard heel hooks would be more supportive (easier to stand on) and less “mushy”.

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