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The stiffest shoe in our line for the ultimate in precision footwork and edging capability. The fast lacing system allows for quick easy on/off and a perfect precise fit every time as well as added lace protection for foot jams when crack climbing. The full RH rubber sole and stiff midsole combination gives ultimate friction and versatility.

  • 3.5mm RH rubber
  • Stiff midsole
  • Lined synthetic upper
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Weight 23.15 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 5.8 × 3.7 in


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4 reviews for Up Lace LV

  1. J. E. Lafontaine

    These shoes look fatastic, I was really excited about encouraging your brand and give it a try but….
    Pink? Women’s shoes so it has to be pink? come on….

  2. Erin Novotny (verified owner)

    These are the best rock shoes I have ever tried. I was a 5.10 user for years and since Adidas purchased they haven’t been as high quality. And, despite what the last reviewer said, the pink color is just great!

  3. Aaron Hjelt

    If you want a shoe that excels on thin and techy face, and you have a low volume foot, the UP Lace LV could be it. It seems to be a cross between the Anasazi Pinks and the blue Quantums, but for a low volume foot. It’s a flat last, so trying to downsize too much will defeat the purpose of the shoe.
    The initial fit is a bit stiff and slightly unwelcoming. A break-in period of 5 days should be expected. Once the leather breaks in, the rubber starts really performing. Tiny edges and smears were no problem at all, and my foot felt supported on sustained climbs. This is my go-to shoe for vertical face dancing at The Fins, Ten Sleep, and other techy limestone in the northern rockies. The toe is pointy enough to stand in small pockets. I’m excited to try them out on thin cracks. There’s enough of a pointy toe combined with support for more sustained cracks, so long as the fit is flatter.
    The “pink” color is obviously an homage to the Five Ten Pinks. I really appreciate this throwback that UP has given it’s fans. Since the pinks were one of the most popular shoes of all time, I don’t see this as a gender specific color reference. If anything, the color encourages my five star rating. I do wish that shoes companies wouldn’t market with gender specific models. Since La Sportiva introduced “women’s” Miuras and Katanas, I’ve always gravitated towards these shoes because they are low volume and have narrower heels. I think marketing the shoe as LV, or whatever the fit is, with neutral colors, is a wise choice. My only complaint is the woman to man sizing scale. I’ve always been peeved about this with US shoe sizing. It’s so confusing. I get it with UP, since it is a US company.
    The price is unbelievable for the quality and performance. This shoe can definitely be resoled, increasing the value of it, and sustainability.
    As for sizing, my thoughts are that they are similar to the blue Quantums. I was wearing 6.5 for my performance fit and 7.0 for my comfier fit in the Quantums. In the UP Lace LV, 8.0 seems to fit like the length of the 6.5 Quantum and 8.5 like the 7.0s. For reference, I’m wearing 9.0 in both Regulus LV and Sirius LV for a performance fit.

  4. Deidre Brink (verified owner)

    Excellent Quality. Rubber: very very sticky. Stiff as advertised. LV Lace seem an excellent all-arounder flat lasted shoe like the 5.10 gambit. Sizing: At least one size too long for my USW/ 9.5/ EU 41. Volume: Good in front, heels very loose (I have a “AAA” heel). Back half of the shoe could be pulled off w/ a gentle tug…but this is likely due to wrongly large size. Sizing was not consistent (at least one size larger) w/ my 5.10 shoes in 3 models: Anasazi LV; Stonelands; and gambit, all size EU 41. Have to return due to size fail (expensive, since this shipped to Canada). Size problems could be cleared up simply by trying the shoes on first but they are not available in a brick and mortar store my area. Unfortunate. I would like to order the Up RIse zero LV but the size issue (and access issue) is now a puzzle.

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