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The UP-Lace is the stiffest shoe in our line for the ultimate in precision footwork and edging capability. The fast lacing system allows for quick and easy on/off and a perfect precise fit every time as well as added lace protection for foot jams when crack climbing. The full RH rubber sole and stiff midsole combination gives ultimate friction and versatility.

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  • 4.2 mm RH rubber sole
  • Midsole stiffness: Hard
  • Lined synthetic upper
  • Vegan


  • Approx. weight: 510 g (per pair)
  • Size: US 4-14 / EU 35.5-48.5
  • Fit: Moderate-Asymmetric


  • Upper:  SOLO Suede
  • Insole: SOLO Suede
  • Tongue: Suede + Tricoat
  • Rubber: RH rubber


  • Fast lacing system


SHORE A76-80

Additional information

Weight 23.15 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 5.8 × 3.7 in


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13 reviews for Up Lace

  1. Jack

    Love these shoes! Precision edging with sensitivity.

  2. Alan Rubin (verified owner)

    I’m just back from a 2 week trip to Kalymnos and the UP laces were my go-to shoe all trip. While Kalymnos is most famous for it’s very steep tufa climbs, the vast majority of the routes there are steep slabs to vertical to slightly overhanging face climbs with small ‘water-drop’ edges and pockets and on these the UPs were ideal–both in their stiffness and the stickiness of the rubber. On several occasions the shoes held comfortably on holds where my partner’s shoes were skidding off. I highly recommend them for such terrain.

  3. Mark

    Good shoes! Got more comfortable the more I wore them and great performance. I have bouldered more than I thought I would with these shoes and some quality issues appeared. namely a toe hole in the front of the left shoe and rubber separating from the material in a handful of places. i’ve only climbed in them for about 5 months so slightly disappointing but overall very happy with my purchase. I see a lot of people taking off shoes in pain and I’ve never had that problem. they are comfortable, albeit stinky (i’ve never had stinky shoe issues before) – but maybe that’s because I just won’t take them off!

    anyways great shoe for doing a variety of things. great traction on tiny footholds.

  4. Joseph McDaniel (verified owner)

    Originally got these shoes for limestone sport climbs, and long big walls. Turns out they’re great for both comfortable long days, and precision/edging footwork. Little did I know they would become one of my favorite shoes to climb in even when bouldering. Certainly my go to slab climbing shoe, and they even preform well on the roofs of Hueco Tanks. And I should mention again they’re so comfortable!

  5. Tucker (verified owner)

    So I’ve been wearing these shoes for a few months now so I’m ready to write my thoughts. For sizing, I wear a 9 street shoe (I like a lot of room), toes measure to an 8, and arch length is 8.5, so I ordered an 8.5 for more all day comfort over performance. If you want really aggressive performance, I would’ve done an 8. I will say, these shoes are ridiculously comfy the moment you get them. But after each use they just get better and better and better. The rubber is phenomenal. It’s so sticky and so good on all surfaces and rock types. My only problem with the shoe is the stiffness. I got them because I like really stiff shoes. For some reason, I’m not sure if it’s just my pair, but they’re really not that stiff. They actually flex quite a bit. Now I’ve read tons of other reviews and posts and everyone seems to love the stiffness, but mine just feel pretty soft to me. I’ve done big wall climbing, easy gym stuff, and bouldering in these guys and they’ve done great for whatever I’ve thrown at them. Just disappointed with that midsole.

  6. Julie H (verified owner)

    I can’t rave enough about these shoes. They’re the perfect combination of stiff and sensitive, and the rubber is insane. They are super precise. I wore Anasazi Velcros for years until that company was bought and shifted production overseas, and I broke my foot, which sent me on a multi-year saga of shoe searching. I tried a lot (a LOT) of shoes, and finally, these are the perfect shoe! The entire shoe is such high quality compared to many others. These have less aggressive heels than the Anasazis did. I wore 7.5 in the Anasazis, and I’m a very steady women’s 9. In these, I’m a 7 (possibly due to less aggro heel, I can fit the whole shoe now). Please keep making these forever, UP!

  7. Sam C

    These are hands down the best climbing shoes I’ve ever owned. I’ve used these almost exclusively for 2 years and I’ve just managed to wear through the rubber on the left toe. No other rubber has ever held up that long for me. I’ve used this shoe on all types of climbing – granite crack/slab climbing, sport climbing, and indoor/outdoor bouldering. They definitely excel on slabs and cracks, but even for bouldering they are my go-to for anything that isn’t extremely overhanging. The only time that I reach for my solutions over these is on the moonboard. The fat laces are amazing – when you pull them tight they stay super locked in while you tie them, so you always get a nice firm tightness every time you lace them up. Its hard to describe, but the lace system just works so well! They also barely stretched from out of the box for the entire 2 years of use. The stiffness is also perfect, stickiness is unbeatable, and the sensitivity is what every other shoe on the market should be striving to match. Can’t say enough good things about these shoes.

    (Street shoe size US Men’s 9 – 9.5, bought these in an 8.5)

  8. Mike Williams

    Climber stats
    Height 6ft 3”
    Weight 113kg or 250lbs
    Street shoe 10uk
    UP lace size 9

    I was a fan of the old 5.10 blanco (the first version). It was stiff enough for my weight to stand on tiny slate and limestone edges.
    I have struggled to find a shoe stiff enough since.
    These are not quite as stiff as the blanco however, after wearing them for 6 months I think I could go down to a 8.5 to get more edging performance. The size 9 are comfy enough for all day climbing close to my limit. The rubber is fantastically grippy. There is a medium amount of sensitivity, which is good. They are my go to shoe for everything but, for me they could be stiffer. I think it would be good to slightly increase the stiffness as the shoe size goes up. Us big people need more support.

  9. puppy101

    These shoes have grown on me. I’ve had them for a few years now and I’ve finally managed to properly break them in. They’re still on the voluminous side but they climb well. I used to wear original five ten pinks, but the chinese ones are crap, so I decided to try these. They’re awesome. They are a grippy great all round shoe. They are comfortable, they are great at heel hooks, edging, smearing, and even the occasional toe! Design would be improved if they had more toe rubber to make them a little better for toe hooking.

    The only negative for me personally was that due to them being voluminous I did find that even at max tightness of the laces they still felt a tiny bit baggy. I suggest getting the LV versions if you have low volume feet.

  10. Sean Fleuriel (verified owner)

    Solid, stiff shoe. Pretty comfortable and the rubber is pretty sticky. Feels a little stickier than xs edge. I got these for anything I need to really stand on my feet and keep tension. I got a size US 9, and wear a US 10 street shoe. It’s pretty tight right now, haven’t broken them in yet. I can keep em on for a couple burns on a boulder, but I’m not sure I’d want to keep em on for a long pitch. A 9.5 would probably be the right size for longer routes out of the box.

  11. danielbaniel

    These shoes are comfortable and climb really well. They are great for cracks, sticky on slabs and edge well. I like the fit and performance a lot, but the durability is disappointing. After a few months of use the rubber is delaminating from the upper on either side of the toe box on both shoes. I would expect to get more use out of a shoe before having these issues. I see the same reported by Mark on November 25, 2019. If the durability issues are addressed this will be my favourite shoe.

    I intend to submit a warranty claim for the delamination.

  12. Josh F

    From straight out of the box the UP Lace performed amazingly. Comfortable, excellent on edging, smears and heal hooking. The heel hooking was what surprised me the most as they held onto the tiniest of edges when other aggressive shoes couldn’t.

    The downside however; is that the build quality is pretty poor for the price you pay. After 4 months of admittedly a lot of use they were due for a resole. From then onwards they started falling apart. Stitching on the leather around the lace eyes came apart, the liner stitching is no more, the bonding around rand has come away from the upper near the little toes and the rand rubber around the inside of the foot split in 3 places.

    All things considered; they performed well but for the price tag I want more durability.

    I also have the Vagos and Moccs. Having issues with the stitching on the Vagos but the Moccs are holding up well and due for a resole

  13. madsonwyatt028

    These are amazing!
    Sizing: I got a half size below my street shoe, which works for me. If you are spending longer in your shoes I would recommend getting them in the same size as your street shoes.
    Performance: They are great at toe hooks. The rubber is very sticky. They are good for small edges. The only negative is that they aren’t very good for toe hooks.
    I definitely recomend these shoes.

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