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What do you get when you combine an unlined leather upper, an RH rubber sole, a VD rubber toe patch, a soft midsole, and a perfectly tensioned heel with a slipper fit? You get the new UP Mocc – an instant classic! This shoe is at home on virtually any terrain from thin cracks to boulder problems. When in doubt, go for the UP Mocc.

This product has unisex sizing. To get the correct sizing, please refer to the sizing chart below. 

International Sizing: SEE CHART



  • 4.2mm RH rubber
  • Midsole stiffness: Soft
  • VD rubber toe patch
  • Unlined leather upper


  • Approx. weight: 539 g (per pair)
  • Size: US 3-14 / EU 34.5-48.5
  • Fit: Moderate-Asymmetric


  • Upper: US Leather
  • Insole: US Leather
  • Tongue:  Elastic


  • Elastic


SHORE A76-80


SHORE A45-50

Additional information

Weight 23.15 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 5.8 × 3.7 in

Men's, Women's

shoe type



Earth Green, Yellow Black

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32 reviews for Up Mocc

  1. Alek

    So far these shoes are some of the best slipper-style shoes I’ve owned. I usually climb in Five Ten Moccasyms, and these shoes incorporate everything good about the Moccasyms into their design, especially their fit and sensitivity. The toe rubber, tighter heel-cup, and slightly softer sole rubber is great for gym climbing, although the UP Moccs’ edging capabilities are lacking compared to some other shoes. The sizing of the UP Mocc compared to the Five Ten Moccasym is similar, however I downsized a half size from my original Five Ten Moccs for a *slightly* tighter fit. I also noticed the heel cup was slightly narrower. Overall a great, well rounded shoe for someone who prefers the natural feel of climbing in slipper style shoes, but wants something that solves the common downfalls of the original Moccasym (i.e. loose heel, no toe rubber).

  2. Jack

    The Up Moccs fit me amazingly well! So well in fact that the heel can be tricky to get out of when taking them off due to a vacuum effect that happens. You can actually hear it release when pulling them off. The heel is more tensioned and the rubber across the toe helps with toe hooks and durability in cracks. This shoe is a winner!

  3. Patrick (verified owner)

    Just got my Moccs – they fit just as comfortably as my old pair of slippers. The top rubber on the toe seems like it will be awesome in cracks. Climbs really confidently. Construction is solid. I can’t want to see how well they hold up over time.

  4. Jess (verified owner)

    These shoes are my new standard. My first pair held up really well to a couple of trips and lots of time in the gym. I sized as suggested on the website and they fit great, though they do stretch a little over time. Super happy and 100% keeping a pair of these on hand.

  5. Robert Foresti

    I had an opportunity to try the Up-Mocc today at CRG – Rochester.. Despite my narrow (B) feet, I was impressed by the fit and function..

  6. Matt C.

    Got to Bishop and realized my shoes were not to be found so I went to Mammoth Gear Exchange and took the opportunity to upgrade my old re-soled shoes. I settled on the Up-Mocc and picked up a pair of US Men’s 7.5 (EU40) for my feet that measure Men’s 8.5 D. The Up-Mocc fit perfect for climbing and I took off to the Happy Boulders. After two days of sending new problems I was super satisfied with this shoe. I didn’t feel the urge to take them off and stretch my feet between problems and I trusted them enough to flash Heavenly Path and commit to heel hooking on Ketron Classic. Grippy, edgy, and comfortable for long climbing days. These will be my new go-to all-purpose shoe. My friend was climbing in the Unparallel Vim and I could see those being really nice when you need a more aggressive arch.

  7. J. L. (verified owner)

    Amazing shoes. I fit these less aggressive because I was having toe joint problems, and even with the relaxed fit the heel stays really well. The toes on these are super durable and still going after months of regular use. Sensitive. The toe rubber cap is awesome. Overall, definitely will buy again.

  8. Jonny Speak

    After falling in love with the 5.10 moccasyms but them basically being impossible to get hold of I thought I’d try these out, and what a great decision.
    They fit the same as moccasyms however don’t strech as much, assuming due to larger toe rubber.

    Heel feels as good as you can get with a slipper, rubber is great out of the box.

    The build quality is great and have out lasted any shoes I’ve ever had, make a great pair of edging shoes out of the box and as you wear them they become a great gym shoe.

    Couldn’t reccomend enough, also customer service from dark venture was great, good work all around!

  9. Bryan Ebert

    My new favorite pair of shoes. These shoes do everything and stick to everything. Perfect all around pair.

  10. Chris F

    Awesome shoes. Love them for cracks, slabs, and all day routes. The sticky rubber almost feels like cheating on JTree slabs (but I’m not complaining).

    The only problem I’ve experienced is the front of the toe patch beginning to peel up after the very first pitch of climbing (#3 camalot size crack). This was a little disappointing, but I still recommend the shoes.

  11. Zac

    Killer shoes. I switched to the UpMocc after the Adidas Mocc became garbage after they switched leather. These have been slightly less comfortable but but slightly better performance than the old 5.10 Mocc. I’m not 100% sold on the added top rubber as it limits the leather from breaking in to the shape of your toe knuckles (I size mine tight) thus reducing comfort. Additionally my first use of the shoes resulted in this upper toe patch rand peeling back from the toe backwards. I plane to reinforce with barge cement and try reglueing. I would suggested updated models either scoring slits into the leather where the toe knuckles are located to add more stretch or even treating the leather with a bargecement like coating similar to how creek rats treated their Mocc’s. The leather on the UpMocc is far superior and incredibly thick which increases durability but also lengthens the break-in time. Not a negative, just a heads up to people wondering when they will break in. Lastly, I am a 10/10.5 street shoe and I size mine to a 8.5 same as my original 5.10 Mocc’s.

  12. Cadmiel Velazquez (verified owner)

    I love these shoes. After 3 months of outdoor climbing they are still great! Way better than my Moc Anasazi. The heel feels really locked in for a slip on. I wear a men’s 9.5 and got an size 8 min these.

  13. Kyle (verified owner)

    This is an excellent shoe. Much better than the five ten moc, with better construction. That said, why neon yellow???????? Please change the color for future versions, this is extremely ugly.

  14. m.adrianlaguisma (verified owner)

    New favorite pair of shoes. Sticky and sensitive rubber with great comfort and performance combined.

  15. Naomi Oregel (verified owner)

    Best all round shoes! The edging and comfort in these shoes is unparalleled (yes pun intended). They are definitely true to size but I downsized half a size for an aggressive fit. Even though I had to wrestle them for a few minutes to put them on, the second they were on they felt amazing! First time climbing in them I literally said wow the whole way up. Felt like I had been climbing in this shoe my whole life and it was already morphed to my foot. I could climb at my grade straight out of the box, impossibly comfortable for how tight they were. These replaced my old 5.10 Anasazi VCS that you can’t get American made anymore. Those were my favorite neutral shoe, and the UP Moccs made those feel like climbing in a plastic bag with holes in it. You can smear on nothing or stand on razors, and they won’t let you down. 100/10
    Sizing: Street size 5. Bought 4.5. I have wide, boxy feet.

  16. Kramer Canup

    My favorite all around climbing shoe. The soles are as sticky as the classic Stealth rubber, extra rubber over the toes protects the leather really well, comfy out of the box and the green color is super rad! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a solid comfy all around shoe!

  17. Liz

    I intentionally sized these things huge on me for crack climbing. Used them in the gym out of laziness and was surprised at how well they performed! Haven’t had a foot slip in the past 4 months, they’ve done well on up to V7 slab. And they’re so damn comfy I don’t even take them off between climbs or on long multipitch days. These are THE sandstone climbing shoe. In love😍

  18. Tucker

    My favorite shoes by far. I am 9.5 US street shoe and sized these at 8.5. For reference I have scarpas at 42.5, and la sportiva shoes at 8.5 or 9 depending on the shoe. The moccs were pretty painful at first but after a month or so of wear they fit like socks. The rubber is super sticky and very sensitive which is probably my biggest plus over other shoes I have which can sometimes feel like bricks on your feet. My other big up is the toe patch. These things toe hook incredibly well and for some problems they’re the only shoe I can use because of how much better the toe is. Highly recommend, will be resoling mine for a long time.

  19. Joseph (verified owner)

    I love these shoes. Climbed in them all summer and fall of 2020, outside and in the gym. They became my go to shoe for everything. I don’t know if it’s the ease of use and comfort or if it’s just that they perfom so well. Great all around shoe. I’ll be getting them resoled soon and hopefully for many years to come. Thank you Unparallel.

  20. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Love these shoes! Great for multiple sessions per week of both indoor and outdoor bouldering so far. Very comfortable and easy to wear for extended periods of time but also easy to take off in-between problems.

    I am typically a street size 9 in most shoes and got these in a 8.5 and am very happy with my purchase. I have a slightly higher volume foot and find the 8.5 to be perfect. Highly recommend!

  21. Olivier (verified owner)

    Love it for indoor as well as outdoor. I needed a new Mocasym but the heel and lack of toe patch always bothered me. With these the heel stays on and there is plenty of rubber for toe hooking. Super confortable right out of the box and sets i after 3 session .
    Loved it on slab and crack. Great for bouldery routes on hot days.
    Not super secure on tiny granite egdes and knobs. I am also super impressed by the rubber.
    I wear U.S.10.5 and bought those in 9.5. I don’t like extremly tight fit but didn’t want a sloppy shoe. Hope it doesn’t stretch too much, only time will tell.

  22. matt

    I use these specifically for the creek and they are ok. The rubber toe patch hides the sewn seam that runs up the middle of the shoe. I found this out on the first day I used them because the rubber peeled away from the leather. The seam hits me on one of the knuckles on my toe and is starting to come apart. The design and quality control is forcing me to go back to 5.10.

  23. tinninbay

    I love love these shoes. I have climbed all over the country in these shoes and they have dominated on all types of stone. I used to wear 10.5 in the older Moccs and I used that size for these as well. Get them, you won’t be disappoint.

  24. Nick

    I purchased these as a pair of gym shoes so I wasn’t chewing up the rubber in my “good” shoes on fiberglass. I quickly discovered I loved the sensitivity and how sticky they are on smeary problems. After breaking in the shoes they have become my most comfortable pair for long sessions. These have even made their way out to Carver for a couple outdoor sessions.

    Note on the break in: This took a while. I downsized half an US size to accommodate the stretching of the leather. I was wearing these in the office and at home, plus climbing for about 3 weeks to get them to shape to my feet. Now they are great, but prepare to do the work.

  25. Eva

    The first thing I have to say about this shoe is just, wow.
    I was in the market for a new shoe because I’m pregnant, and very early on, my feet swelled. Not even enough to make a difference in any of my street shoes, but suddenly, my perfect-fit climbing shoes were painful, and I could barely keep them on for a route at the gym. I have a lower-volume foot but wear a larger size(usually 41.5) and the men’s version of my favorite shoe was too loose in the heel to feel secure, so I went looking for a whole new shoe.
    I got the UP Mocc in a size 9(around a half-size up from my regular climbing shoe, I think?), because the shape looked similar to shoes I already had and liked, and also because they look obscenely comfortable. And now I’m converted. These shoes are so comfy, and the rubber is phenomenal. I’ve never trusted smears(or the rounded smear-chips they use in the gym) like I do in these shoes. Given that I was upsizing, there wasn’t any kind of a break-in period. These have helped me continue climbing– and feel like I’m crushing!– through my pregnancy. At 23 weeks, I’m still climbing at or close to my max grade; given my weight gain, overhangs pump me out pretty quickly these days, but I’m still performing well on slab and vertical terrain. And I wouldn’t be doing that if I were wearing poorly fitted and/or uncomfortable shoes.
    Thanks Unparallel! Keep churning out quality shoes and you’ve got yourselves another customer for life.

  26. Proto

    These shoes fit great, only complaint is the color. I would have no problem paying more if it meant I could get literally any other color. Went a size down from street size. Toe rubber must help them not stretch as much. Heels feel nice. Everyone should have a pair of up mocs as their default climbing shoes

  27. lewng21 (verified owner)

    Fantastic shoe, I plan on always owning a pair of these… My friend swears by these shoes so I had to buy a pair and try them out. I’m a size 9.5 street size and went down to an 8.5 for these. At first, I couldn’t get them on my feet, it took a lot of manually stretching out the leather to actually get these on. The first session was pretty painful, but after my second session everything was smooth sailing (both sessions around 4 hours). I can slip these on and off with ease and the comfort is amazing. The rubber is super sticky and the heel fits me perfectly (for reference, the heel on both the Scarpa origin and Scarpa arpia was a tad big for me) and the toe patch is a nice touch. Definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a soft moccasin style shoe.

  28. Cory Bluemling (verified owner)

    Great shoes made by great people. Love them.

  29. jamey

    I have been climbing for over 20 years and these might be the best climbing shoe I’ve ever worn. From the moment I slipped them on my feet I felt comfort, flexibility, and performance. They have incredible craftmanship and give me a feeling of confidence on slab, vert and slight overhang. I also did some V5 level head hooks and they stayed in place on my heel. For fit, I order my street shoe and the are sized perfectly for that. Because they are leather, I am interested to see the fit maintains with age, but I have been wearing them for a couple of weeks now and they still fit incredibly well. Cheers for excellence.

  30. jamey

    ***Feel free to edit my previous review. Too many spelling errors***
    I have been climbing for over 20 years and these might be the best climbing shoe I’ve ever worn. From the moment I slipped them on my feet I felt comfort, flexibility, and performance. They have incredible craftmanship and give me a feeling of confidence on slab, vert and slight overhang. I also did some V5 level heel hooks and they stayed in place on my heel. For fit, I ordered my street shoe and the are sized perfectly for that. Because they are leather, I am interested to see how the fit maintains with age, but I have been wearing them for a couple of weeks now and they still fit incredibly well. Cheers for excellence.

  31. dothackdasen (verified owner)

    My favorite shoes for indoor bouldering. They fit my feet perfectly. Heel never slips, does well on any wall or problem.
    I have 2 kids that climb competitively that use these also (4/4.5 can definitely fit girls around 10 depending on foot size).
    They’re crushers and these do amazing for them.

    I wish they’d come in a variety of colors. At least do a seasonal style change so we can get something not yellow!

  32. imrschofield (verified owner)

    I’ve got a long review ahead because I could barely find any information about sizing/fit online. Yeah, I’m calling out some of you reviewers who simply wrote the size that you ordered without writing any information about how they compare to any other shoes ; ) Haha.

    Shout out to Unparalell for answering quite of few of my questions over the months leading up to buying these. And also for super quick processing and shipping. I mistakenly thought they’d forgotten the order and it turned out that it was practically on my doorstep by the time I reached out. Apologies for the doubt and my sassy email, UP 🙂

    Can’t say enough good things about these Moccs! When I started climbing a few years ago, I had a pair of size US10.5 Five Ten Rogue Lace that were super soft and comfortable and I really wanted something comparable after those were discontinued. I tried the Adidas/FiveTen Moccs from the last two versions (tried all sizes 11-12) and neither seemed to fit my foot right. My last two shoes were LS Finales, which I wore in a 43.5, and were prob a half size up from a true “aggressive fit” but I wouldn’t say they were all-day comfortable either. My street size is somewhere around US11.5, which is true for my Altra Lone Peaks and Lems Boulder Boots.

    Anyway, ordered these in a US10.5 and though pretty comfy out of the box, they took about two sessions to fully break in, stretch, and become the softest slippers around. If I’d gone down another half, they’d still have worked but would maybe defeat some of the purposes of comfort. Though, I would still lean toward that smaller size on my next pair for better bouldering in mind.

    I’m writing this review about four months out. I should mention that I have wicked sweaty feet and with these being all leather, I’ve yet to get them to smell at all. It’s pretty nuts. I really appreciate that UP carries a few shoes that are still mostly leather. I’ve been at the gym probably 2-3 times a week for bouldering and the rubber is holding up, which is hard to believe given how thin and sensitive it feels. Oh yeah, and this rubber is sooo sticky — really night and day compared to anything on any of my LS/Vibram shoes I’ve owned.

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