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Our go to shoe for any climbing terrain. The UP Rise VCS LV features a full RH rubber sole for the perfect balance of friction and durability that excels both when edging and smearing. The Velcro closure system allows you to dial in the perfectly tensioned fit and easy on/off comfort. The addition of the VD rubber toe patch gives extra friction and performance for toe hooks and extra protection over your toes for crack climbing.

  • 3.5mm RH rubber sole
  • VD rubber toe patch
  • Medium stiffness midsole
  • Lined synthetic upper
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Weight 23.15 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 5.8 × 3.7 in


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1 review for Up Rise VCS LV

  1. Alek

    The UP Rise VCS LV is a fantastic all around climbing shoe. I wear a 7 USM (39.5 EU) street shoe and ordered a 7 USW/LV (37.5) in the UP Rise VCS LV, which gives me a tight bouldering/sport fit. I wear a 7.5 USW/LV (38) in the Regulus LV and a 5 USM (37 EU) in the UP Mocc. Most of my Sportivas I have owned in the past were in a size 36 EU (4.5 USM). I have medium width low volume feet with a relatively small round heel and a very low volume, medium-high arch. The Regulus LV fits me perfectly once broken in, as well as the UP Mocc. The UP Rise fits me well in both the heel and the arch, however the toe box seems to be a bit narrower than the Regulus LV or the UP Mocc. This could be due to the fact that the shoes are lined, unlike the other two shoes mentioned.

    Build Quality (2.5/5):
    The lining of the shoes is soft when new, but by the end of a climbing session the lining feels rough on your toes. I am not one who cares about comfort, but the material the shoe is lined with could be changed in order to increase comfort and durability, such as with the lining on some La Sportivas. The lining on the inside of one of the shoes has also already torn along the stitching. This could be due to the combination of the more narrow fit combined with my excessively sweaty feet, or just a defect. Regardless, it is somewhat of a bummer.
    The pull tabs as usual are not on par with other brands in terms of durability.
    Overall I am worried how they will hold up over time (I have only had them for a month or so).

    Toe Hooks: 5/5 Heel Hooks: 5/5 Smearing: 5/5 Sensitivity: 3/5 Edging: 4/5 Slab: 5/5 Vert: 4/5 Steep: 4/5
    These shoes are as sticky as wet cheese and at the same can hold an edge on most holds while giving sensitive feedback to the wearer. They are fairly easy to get on compared to the Regulus LV due to the double tongue opening. The two Velcro straps allow the shoe to stay securely on the user’s foot. The heel feels slightly shallower than the Regulus LV, though at the same time it feels a bit beefier/more rigid. The toe patch is much more sticky than the Regulus LV, though it is not as large as the UP Mocc’s toe patch. Ultimately the UP Rise feels stiffer than the Regulus LV, and in my experience it excels more at hooking and smearing. The flat profile of the UP Rise lends it to being slightly less precise on small chips (in my experience). Lastly, the toebox feels slightly more pointed than the Regulus LV, which would lend it to being better on pockets (at least on vert).

    Overall (~4/5):
    This shoe is an excellent, easy to get on-and-off shoe that performs very well on most any terrain. It feels very secure once on your foot, and feels beefier than other UP shoes I have worn. This shoe feels more to me like a workhorse shoe than a technical/delicate shoe, though this all depends on what you are used to climbing in. The build quality of the upper could be improved, though if you have a narrower foot, you may not run into the same issues I have. Be warned if you plan on getting any UP shoe tight: the pull tabs are quite finicky. If the UP Rise VCS LV fit my foot better I would most likely buy it again, so I would say give this shoe a try if you’re interested!

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